Personal counseling provides guidance to individuals that are dealing with a wide variety of issues that disrupt enjoyment of life. The latter includes matters having to do with family, circumstances at work, relationships, major life events or changes, career or professional transitions or intrapersonal conflict. At times life may hand us a deck of cards we were just not prepared for. A little professional guidance may offer relief, enhance confidence, and encourage new patterns of thought that enable us to utilize a different perspective. 

You will learn strategies that strengthen your resilience and enhance your problem-solving abilities. The ultimate purpose of personal counseling is to increase your belief in yourself to cope with the ups and downs of life effectively!

Examples of issues that can be addressed
and that may require specific attention include:

  1. stress-management

  2. burn-out recovery

  3. mood/anxiety disturbances

  4. pain-management

  5. personal development

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