"What we are all really looking for is an experience that lets us feel the rapture of being alive." Joseph Campbell

That is the moment of fulfillment, the condition that facilitates peak performance, and that is what DPP aspires to explore with you!

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DeWitt Performance Psychology offers performance enhancement services to athletes, performing artists and anyone wanting to excel in a given area. The first letters of DeWitt Performance Psychology (DPP) stand for the concepts on which it is based, namely, Dedication, Purpose, and Passion.

The integration of Dedication, Purpose and Passion form the philosophical basis of performance enhancement by DPP. Various mental skills born from the overlap of these concepts are essential in helping performers to become aware of their optimal performance state. In turn, this awareness works to assist them in learning to focus more effectively, managing anxiety and staying composed under pressure, becoming more confident, dealing with setbacks, training and acquiring new skills more efficiently and so on. 


DeWitt Performance Psychology is also qualified to offer counseling to help individuals work through personal matters or cope with issues such as destructive health habits, pressure and anxiety, low self-esteem, purposelessness. Through an empathic approach by the psychologist and active participation of the client, a renewed state of well-being and enjoyment in all facets of life can be regained.