Donna DeWitt

MA in clinical psychology - University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Annotation in sport psychology - Free University in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

BSc in psychology - Montana State University (U.S.A.)


NIP - Registered psychologist of the Dutch Psychologists Association

VSPN - Association for Sport Psychology in the Netherlands

NEST - Network of English Speaking Therapists in Barcelona  

Areas of expertise

Performance enhancement, reducing mental barriers; cognitive modification, building self-confidence, motivation, anxiety management, attentional styles and concentration skills, pain-management, mental coaching, and empathy.

Sports and various areas of performance

Include field and ice hockey, soccer, track, aesthetic sports (rhythmic gymnastics), ballet, ice skating, clay-dove shooting,



At an early age Donna DeWitt developed a strong affinity with the concept of performance as a pupil of the Nel Roos Ballet Academy (now called the National Ballet Academy) in the Netherlands. Her father, Floyd DeWitt, is a renowned sculptor who has had a great influence on her perception of performance and professional fulfillment. In the United States, as a member of the Montana State University track team, Donna gained an interest in the psychology of sports. 

Later, while studying in Amsterdam, Donna competed in track at a national level. At the same time she gained experience working with clients dealing with a wide variety of issues including trauma, substance abuse, criminal delinquency and psychiatric disturbances. During her graduate studies in Amsterdam, she specialized in the concept of empathy. Afterwards, Donna also counseled individuals struggling with burn-out, anxiety and depression, and chronic physical pain.

As a sport psychologist Donna worked in the Netherlands on an individual basis with athletes as well as trainers of all levels. She provides workshops for athletes and has given lessons in mental training to athletes in high schools that are designed especially for young talented athletes of competitive sports. Donna specialized in empathy and attention, and conducted an investigation into the attentional styles of soccer.

In Spain Donna worked was the sport psychologist for the Spanish National Men’s Field Hockey team, lead by head coach Maurits Hendriks, in preparation for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. She has conducted sport psychology clinics on a yearly basis for the last 4 years for young international student-soccer players as part of their summer training camps organized by Football Club Barcelona. 

In addition to her private practice Donna is a professor at the European University for the Bachelor’s and Master’s sports management program. She is currently working as the sport psychologist for the football school Fundación Marcet in Barcelona.

water polo, volleyball, korfball, tennis, performing arts, professionals in various fields of work and business, relationships

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